Thursday, June 04, 2009

Hillsdale and Harvard

My alma mater, Hillsdale College, receives absolutely no federal funding, nor are any of its students eligible for federal student loans. Consequently, the college, as a private institution, has the right to do whatever it will on campus. Hillsdale gave up its funding on principle, as it has always had a blind admissions policy with regard to race, sex or creed, and the government's Affirmative Action policies would have required them to meet a certain quota deemed by bureaucrats to be the "correct" percentage of minorities. Since admission to the college is based on academic merit, such a move would cause them undercut their already just principles. If race and sex do not matter, then they should not matter. One of the often over-looked consequences of standing by these principles is that Hillsdale does not have a ROTC program. In spite of this, many students end up joining Army or Marine Reserves, and recruiters are always more than welcome on campus by virtually every student, professor and administrator.

Journalist William McGurn recently spent some time at Hillsdale College and contrasts his experience with what one can expect to find at Harvard, where Armed Forces recruiters are not welcome, and only grudgingly permitted on campus. It is a telling article and it underscores one of the many reasons why I am a proud alumnus of Hillsdale College:

How Hillsdale Beats Harvard

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