Sunday, February 22, 2009

Santelli and the Chicago Tea Party

CNBC journalist Rick Santelli has been making waves this week after aggressively attacking Obama's "stimulus" package on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade, earning cheers from traders on the floor. Here is the video:

The President's press secretary Gibbs responded to Santelli. Here are Santelli's responses:

The truth of the matter is that Santelli is right: the stimulus is rewarding bad behavior and punishing those who have been responsible. Why should those of us who live within our means be forced to pay for those who have been irresponsible? The Porkulus Bill is simply a return to business-as-usual for liberalism: cut defense spending, increase entitlements, create new dependents, raise taxes on those who actually pay them, on companies that create job, and on people with the means to start companies. Success is vice and failure a virtue under such a scheme. No longer do we hold accountable those who act foolishly, but rather we taut them as "victims." Yes, things are not pretty economically (except for the price of gasoline), but that does not legitimize legalized plunder.

President Obama, this is neither "change" nor anything worth believing in. This is old-hat lefist socialism being pushed on America in the Chicago-style of thug-politics.

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Theophilus said...

I think what is sad isn't that he is one of the few that speaks the truth, but that the consciousness of the media is so far gone that they make fun of him.

Sadly the American mind isn't run by logic or any type of reasoning and will just see a loud guy, some pretty people making fun of him, and consider him crazy.