Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mohler on Large Families

The response to large families with several children is now like a litmus test that reveals what we really think about the family, about children, and about humanity. Remember that the next time you see that multiple passenger van pull up in the church parking lot. Do you smile?
- R. Albert Mohler

Read the rest: Put a Stop to Large Families?


Laura said...

Woot! Big families! The school where I teach is in a PCA church with several Quiver-Full families... not the doily-wearing, dresses-only kind but the funky, if God wants to give 'em we'll take 'em, the more the merrier, kind. They're awesome.


Jacob said...

Yeah, that's really exciting to see. In my church-searching endeavors, I ended up at a PCA church where it really seemed like they truly valued and esteemed their children. The "if God wants to give 'em" crowd has a lot going for them, including Voddie Baucham.