Thursday, May 29, 2008

Voddie Baucham on the Family Integrated Church

Boundless has an interview with Voddie Baucham, pastor of Grace Family Baptist Church, on the family-integrated church. He identifies a number of problems with the way things have been done and offers the family-integrated approach as an acceptable alternative. Please read and share your thoughts on:

The Family Integrated Church


Conni said...

So many of our church youth groups don't even want parents in the same building when they are having their youth night! This is so counter to what Scripture teaches about raising children. I played one of Voddie's CD's on this very topic, to our Bible study group, and it was met with such disdain. I think sometimes parents don't want to admit that they have abdicated their responsibilities, believing that if they just send their kids to church (ie, Sunday school, youth group)that they have done their "part" in discipleship.

Paul Rogers said...

I don't know... at $135 an hour its hard to make it a past time:) But it was fun:)

Elizabeth said...

I go back and forth on this issue a lot. I see some value in kids getting age-appropriate instruction. On the other hand, I think there is also great value in learning together, and as was pointed out in the interview, is age segretation in Scripture? I'd wager not.

My (small) church has one (small) Sunday School class, and parents can either choose to send their kids to Sunday School (they are up there just during the sermon) or keep them in the service. I'm glad that a) each choice is supported b) our curriculum is God-glorifying and c) the kids are in the service for the majority of the time, including communion, time of confession, etc.

abby said...

I had to work very hard to keep my Christian Studies thesis from becoming an uncontrolled rant against age-segregation in church. I was writing about reasons blended worship is an essential component of services in healthy churches. I really liked this article. But at some point I'm going to write a blog about how I like Boundless less and less with every passing week.

Anonymous said...

Children and Adults learn at different rates. You can't expect a 4-yr.old to sit quietly while listening to an hour long Sunday School lesson and then another 1 hour sermon. If you make the Sunday School hour (Family Hour) fun and interesting for the kids, it becomes boring for the Adults. If you make it in depth for the Adults, it becomes boring and too hard to understand for the kids.
In our church we have 2 worship services and children are welcomed in both, but we also have age-appropriate classes for those who want to use them. We have a Children's ministry that is ALive and growing! The kids are excited about God and so are the parents. Parents are encouaged to help in the classes whenever they want to. Our youth group is growing too and parents are always included in activities, whether it be Sunday School, an all-nighter, outside activities, Camp, or going out and doing random acts of kindness to show God's love to others.
I have seen a Family Integrated Church at work. Everyone acts the same, dresses the same, talks the same,homeschools the same. If you are not a "traditional family" like the pastor, his wife and 10 kids, then you are treated different. This church only appeals to other "families" who are the same as them. They don't minister to single adults, single parents, divorced or widowed, or others who do not fit into their mold. God made us all different. God loves everyone. Christ commissioned us to go into "All the world and preach the gospel to Every living creature."