Friday, February 22, 2008

A Puritan Catechism: Question 30

Q. What is effectual calling?

A. Effectual calling is the work of God's Spirit (2 Tim. 1:9) whereby, convincing us of our sin and misery (Acts 2:37), enlightening our minds in the knowledge of Christ (Acts 26:18), and renewing our wills (Ezek. 36:26), he does persuade and enable us to embrace Jesus Christ freely offered to us in the gospel (Jn. 6:44-45).


annakristine said...

I've really enjoyed these. I may have said this in a comment already, but I did a lit review of Puritan literature for my J-term class a couple months ago, and really enjoyed learning more about them. So I've also really liked reading this catechism. I think I might teach it to my kids someday. :)

Jacob said...

I'm glad you're enjoying it! I found it about a year ago, I think, but didn't get around to reading through it until the end of last summer. For Reformed credo-baptists, the 1689 London Confession and Puritan Catechism are great alternatives to the Westminster Standards.