Friday, January 04, 2008

Sex Predators: Unfair Language

On the local news tonight, I saw a story reporting some alleged misconduct between a female corrections office and an under aged male detainee. This is not the first of such reports to hit the news: there are countless stories of female teachers engaging in inappropriate sexual relationships with their male students. This is horrible and wrong, and while not quite so sad as this, it also saddens me to see a double standard, at least in the language the media uses to report these stories.

Had a male corrections officer had sex with an under aged female detainee, phrases such as "sexual assault" "sexual exploitation" and "statutory rape" would be sprinkled into the new casts. Now, when a story breaks of a teacher who got pregnant by her 15 year old student, we hear none of those phrases. Instead, it is described as a "sexual encounter" "affair" or "tryst." It would also be interesting to compare the penalties given to male transgressors compared to female transgressors. I suspect we would see the men locked away for 20 years and the women given a slap on the wrist plus two years on probation or under house arrest.

More and more stories are coming out now about these predatory female teachers. One would think that the perpetrators in these cases would be given the maximum penalty so as to set an example for any teacher who would dare think about abusing a student in such a manner. However, so long as we're willing to let the pretty, young female teachers off the hook, don't try to tell me we care as much about the victimization of young boys as we do young girls.

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Just J for now said...

Good post! I've lamented this double standard countless times. It seems that society is willing to believe that for boys this may be just a "rite of passage," which I believe carries over directly from the sexual double standard afforded men.

However, children are children whether boys or girls. As such, they should be protected from predators. Aren't we already encouraging children in this society to grow up too fast anyway?

Boys and girls both deserve their childhoods.

PS: I found your blog while searching for other bloggers who enjoyed "Till We Have Faces."