Friday, February 10, 2012

Anti-Abortion Is Not Always Pro-Life

Elizabeth has blogged some thoughts on what it means to be pro-life as opposed to anti-abortion. While most evangelical and Protestant Christians would identify themselves as pro-life, when one considers the actions and ideas behind many of these, it is fitting, instead, to call them "anti-abortion." As Elizabeth explains:

If someone is pro-life (and Christians are called to be pro-life, as our Creator is), they value life in all forms, from conception to its end. That means supporting a pregnant teenager and a family with 6 kids. It also means supporting a family with 1 child and the 83-year-old lady who spent her life serving the Lord single in Indonesia. It means viewing each and every life as a precious miracle. No matter how many kids a couple has, each one is a miracle, whether or not the child was "easily" conceived or whether it took years of trying.

I expressed similar thoughts when I wrote, "300 Million, What A Blessing."

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