Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Radio Worldview & Rethinking Worldview


I recently began producing for Radio Worldview, the official podcast of Worldview Academy. Jeff Baldwin and Bill Jack host these adventures several times a month, and often bring in other members of the WVA faculty to weigh in on the issues. Many of these were recorded on the road this summer while we were doing camps all across America. To subscribe to the podcast, just open the iTunes store and search for "Radio Worldview," which should open your iTunes to the podcast page. Just click "Subscribe" and you are on your way to receiving every podcast as they are made available (by your's truly). If you do not use iTunes, but would still like to listen, you can go directly to the Radio Worldview page on the Worldview Academy website and download each episode in .mp3 format.

In other news, I began reading Mark Bertrand's book, Rethinking Worldview: Learning to Think, Live and Speak in This World, which has been very enjoyable so far. He hits on a very important problem in the way people handle and treat worldview thinking, namely, that of simplification and generalization. Worldview thinking is not as cut-and-dry as some authors and speakers lead us to believe. Part of this is due to pedagogical limitations. When you only have a 50 minute slot to speak or teach, sometimes one has to generalize to at least some extent. Still, Mark reinforces and reminds us that things are not always as simple and easy as we make them out to be. Another thing that I have enjoyed so far in the book his is references to events that took place on the road with Worldview Academy in the summer. I was present for, or had at least heard, many of these stories, so I think I am able to identify which the examples a little more than some readers. For more information, you can go to the Rethinking Worldview website, or order it off of Amazon.

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