Wednesday, February 01, 2012

300-Million, What A Blessing!

In case you haven't noticed, people are everywhere. In October, 2006, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that America has crossed the 300-million persons mark, out of a global population estimated to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 6.5-billion. Many people are concerned about this number. Some extremists think that there are already too many people on this earth, and that the alleged global warming crisis is a result of this.

In the midst of this new growth in population, I can't forget that the census should read 347,000,000. We're missing, primarily from my generation, 47-million people. They are the babies that we have sacrificed to our Molecian gods of convenance, irresponsibility and death. In the midst of all the "doom-and-gloom" reporting on the population landmark, it is easy to have our view of 300-million people soured when we really ought to rejoice. If the death of so many children from abortion should stir us up, then the increases in our population should be cause to rejoice. Given that more and more of my generation are becoming parents, abortion has cost us not only their 47-million lives alone, but denied us their children as well. Given this, we ought to be concerned with the fact that we're just now crossing the 300-million mark. Terence Jeffrey wrote, "Is America a richer, better, more pleasing place to live for having killed those 47 million? Not a chance."

Culturally, we do not value children as we use to. Indeed, we often see them as a burden, or an inconvenience. Rather than seeing them as we ought to, as precious human lives given to us as gifts from God, we worry about the "costs" associated with raising children and are distracted by the Almighty Dollar Sign. Women are concerned as to whether or not having children will tie them to their homes and prevent them from living a "fulfilling life." Men are worried that they will not have time with their wives if they have children.

Sadly, even Christians are not immune from this thinking. The widespread acceptance and usage of birth control among Protestants is evidence of this. I have taken a lot of flack from my fellow protestants by taking a moral stand against birth control, and, hopefully, earned some respect from my Roman Catholic friends as well. I do not mean to open that debate, but I think it is relevant, because I do not think you can be in favor of (artificial) birth control and truly be pro-life. You may be "anti-abortion," but you are not pro-life. The truth is, if life beings at conception, than even birth control methods that merely prevent implantation of the fertilized egg are causing the death of a human being.

To truly support life, you have to believe more than that abortion is wrong. You have to believe that human life is created in the image of God, and that from the moment of conception, it is a sacred life. You have to understand that life is a gift, it is a good thing, and that it is a blessing from God. None of us curse God for being healthy, for being able to live our lives to the fullest. If we are thankful for our own lives and health, why do we not take an interest in the well being of the unborn lives?

I do not want to simply end the abortion culture. I want to have a pro-life culture. I want to live in a society in which mothers who taking their 5+ children to the grocery store are praised, not harassed. If we take life seriously, if we teach and train our children to value even the smallest of human lives, not only are we helping to prevent abortion, but we are taking steps to encourage sexual responsibility.

May God help us to learn to love life and look forward to 400-million.

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