Sunday, April 09, 2006

Points of Interest: Hope

Courage, in its classical understanding, is considered to be the doing of what is right. Kaufman considers the actions of South Dakota to be truly courageous. Given that they probably have more to lose than gain, he's probably right. He also points out that they were principled enough to not allow for abortions in the case of rape and incest, a common compromise. Woe-sayers, there is hope for the culture, so help us, God.

If American Christians think that European Christianity has all but completely
disappeared, or that there is no energy left in European churches, they have
gravely misunderstood the situation of their brethren in another part of the
world. There are signs that European Christians are heeding the call of Pope
Benedict to become a “creative minority.”
- Matthew Maguire

Hope in Europe? Maguire describes small  pockets of  Christianity in places like France. He also says, "For American Christians, contemporary Europe should be more
than the harbinger of a dreaded future; it is the present sign of an invincible

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